Automotive Weatherseal Coatings

SLIP-COAT products offer excellent noise characteristics, pleasing aesthetics, low coefficient of friction, and superb abrasion resistance that ensures these qualities are not lost after the car leaves the showroom.

EPDM Convertible/
Cabriolet Seals

Abrasion resistance is critical for these seals as the seals must survive many open/close cycles. GBIE’s coarse textured coatings excel in this application.


Frameless Windows
& Division Bars

Numerous open/close cycles of both windows and doors will challenge the abrasion resistance of most coatings. Coarse and medium textured SLIP-COAT products are a solution preferred by many OEMs for this challenging application.


Primary & Secondary
EPDM Door Seals

These seals are often complicated and always very important to the vehicle’s perceived value due to their influence on the noise characteristics associated with door closing. Body mounted door seals also often have a trim lip that extends into the cabin. GBIE can solve these technical problems while providing pleasing aesthetics.


Sunroof Seals

Sunroof seals require high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, and no unwanted noise. GBIE’s coarse and medium textured coatings have proven themselves in this application and are specified by major Tier 1 sunroof manufacturers.


EPDM & TPE Inner
& Outer Belt Runs

These dynamic seals need abrasion resistance to withstand many open/close cycles while operating perfectly under extreme environmental conditions. GBIE offers coarse, medium, and fine textures that can provide the abrasion resistance required under any condition.


Other PVC, TPE or EPDM
Seals, Moldings, & Grommets

GBIE’s wide range of coatings can adhere to many substrates and provide a broad range of textures that solve numerous problems including ease of installation and reducing/eliminating binding between mating surfaces.


GBIE SLIP-COAT products serve many functions in the automotive industry. With a wide range of aesthetic qualities and textures, GBIE’s Abrasion Resistant Coatings (ARC) offer a variety of features, such as:

• Exceptional durability
• Reduction or elimination of unwanted noise
• Aesthetically pleasing surface texture and appearance
• Very low coefficient of friction
• Controlled surface gloss
• No abrasion to painted sheet metal



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