GBIE SubstratesGBIE is dedicated to developing best-in-class coatings for any substrate under the sun. If we don’t already have a coating that fits your project, we’ll create one from scratch.

GBIE breaks apart coating adhesion and coating properties/function. We must first formulate for adhesion and then formulate for the desired properties.


SLIP-COAT products can adhere to:

  • EPDM: dense, sponge, molding, microdense, conductive, colored
  • PVC: more flexible or less flexible
  • Other: our coatings are used on other substrates that we don’t discuss for competitive reasons, ask us if our products can add value to your products or solve problems for your part.

Different base chemistries are used to adhere to different substrate types. There certainly is not one product that will adhere well to all substrates. GBIE’s R&D lab is set up to help our customers quickly identify the optimal coating adhesion for their specific substrate.


SLIP-COAT products can provide:

  • Low to no noise (squeak or itch): Mating surfaces can move relative to the seal with low to no noise.
  • Low coefficient of friction: Against glass, painted sheet metal, other coated seals, plastic, leather, as well as other surfaces.
  • Hiding power: Hide the parting line between a molded detail and an extrusion; hide imperfections in the surface of extrusions or moldings.
  • Low gloss.
  • Texture: SLIP-COAT products are commercially sold in coarse, medium, and fine textures, as well as smooth coatings. These different textures can help solve problems and provide interesting aesthetics for designers to choose from.
  • Low abrasion of mating surfaces: Although it may be counter intuitive that a textured coating could avoid abrading a mating surface, our coatings have 25+ years of field experience on hundreds of vehicles without problems of abrading the mating surface.
  • Haptic: The feel of the coating is important. SLIP-COAT products never feel greasy. A variety of different surfaces are possible which create different textures as well as other more difficult to describe haptics such as silky or buttery.


  • No hazards which mean no pictograms and a clean SDS.
  • Comfortably passes accelerated weathering on most substrates.
  • Avoids expensive raw materials to reduce our finished product cost and hopefully provide pricing stability in the future.

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