When we develop our SLIP-COAT coatings for automotive weatherseals, there are two interfaces that need to be considered. OEMs are most concerned about the coating to mating surface interface that we call ‘the perceived value interface.’ This is where the coated weatherstrip meets either glass, painted metal, other coated seals, smooth and textured PU, leather and other surfaces and is responsible for the aesthetics, haptics, coefficient of friction and noise characteristics.

However, if the coating isn’t durable enough or doesn’t stick to the weatherseal substrate then all these attributes will be lost over time as the coating fails. This is why, at GBIE, we are just as concerned with ‘the underappreciated interface,’ the coating to substrate interface that is responsible for adhesion. We always first formulate for adhesion and then for the desired properties so we can be confident if the coating is applied with the right application process, it will stay on the seal for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Our technical know-how, years of research and development and robust quality systems have led us to where we are now, providing durable, high-performance, abrasion resistant waterbased SLIP-COAT products that are trusted by our automotive customers worldwide.

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